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Profil Slank Band

Slank adalah nama salah satu grup musik papan atas Indonesia yang bermula dari Desember 1983 dengan pendirian Cikini Stones Complex (CSC), grup musik yang terdiri dari anak-anak SMA Perguruan Cikini, Jakarta. Di sinilah Bimo Setiawan (drum), Boy (gitar), Kiki (gitar), Abi (bass), Uti (vokal) dan Well Welly (vokal) mengekspresikan kesukaan mereka terhadap karya-karya Rolling Stones.

Sayangnya grup ini tidak bisa bertahan dan membubarkan diri. Selanjutnya berturut-turut terjadi perombakan personil sampai akhirnya terbentuk formasi ke-14 pada tahun 1996 yang bertahan sampai sekarang. Formasi akhir ini, yang dimulai dari album ke-7 Slank, terdiri dari Bimbim (drum), Kaka (vokal), Ivanka (bass), Ridho (gitar) dan Abdee (gitar). Slank memiliki kelompok penggemar yang fanatik, yang dikenal sebagai Slankers.

Slank Management
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Jakarta Selatan (12760)
DKI Jakarta Indonesia

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Live Concert Slank birthday 27 year Date 11 Desember 2010...

Looking at the experience of last year, Slank difficulty getting permission to hold a birthday concert. Slank is now trying to celebrate its 27th anniversary. Slank concert was mainstreamed permission. Live+Concert+Slank+birthday+27+year+Date+11+Desember+2010

"Pre nego so far, it 'a sponsor and picky about the concept. What is especially so his permission.'ll Already can place, permission is not there, the concept became a mess again," said State Abdee, guitarist Slank while talking with detikhot. 

Personally, that long-haired guitarists crave birthday concert Slank created outside of Jakarta. But again, they must ensure the licensing letter is fine. 

Some time ago, via his Twitter account Abdee also threw a discussion about the concept of birthday events. Some suggestions were accommodated Abdee. But he is still looking for something else.
"Usually Slank always try something new. If the diajuin say like this and that means not just dong. We are still looking for an original," explained Abdee. 
While Mother, Slank manager and mother of Bimbim mention there will be two events for birthdays Slank. A concert that was held in Jakarta on December 3, 2010 and concert in Makassar. Slank's birthday falls on 26 December. They still seek to hold a big concert on that date.

Album Slank Jurus Tandur No 19

Alhamdulillah, beginning this July I had the opportunity to buy the new album from the air SLANK brand No Jutsu grafts. 18. This album is a record album of the 18th, while the intent of these grafts Kick stands Onward, Backward Never [creative right? hehehe ... Hayo sopo not say creative? No thutuk lho hahaha ...]. The album was produced in the form of CD [priced at Rp. 50,000;] and Cassette [priced at Rp. 35 000;], each of which can be a bonus for a shirt. Actually I wanted to buy his CD but it is out of stock, eventually forced to buy Cassette deh. Unique ... the first utterance that came out of my mouth, because what? Because the er because the cassette is not of a glass / plastic like mica tapes in general, but in the form of ordinary paper in outboard alias album lyrics blend with the text. Each issue album, Slank always makes motto or jargon or small message or what ya name is ... I myself confused to call it, that little sentence is clearly intended to represent the album released. For example: In the Minority album [album-5], Slank writing: "Minorities Slank is a minor music played and talked about minor things the Indonesian nation. But ... little cayenne pepper." Another example on the album Virus [album-10], Slank writes: "Can attenuated can not be turned off ... Gak visible but disable ... Virus Slank". Now in this new album, Slank has also written a small phrase that represents the album No Jutsu grafts. 18, the contents of the sentence: "Slank is a traditional herb native Indonesian made a powerful international quality prevent Parno, Klepto, deceitful, muna ', marux, Rese' & sotoy ... Guaranteed effective in lessening !!!". Hahaha ... unique, smooth, and meaningful. This album contains 17 new songs lyrics, lyrics teramu of various materials, ranging from things romance, political and social criticism, encouragement of life, and nature. In general the songs are wrapped well terkonsep shades of rock 'n roll that is quite thick. Here I have to say a little assessment of the songs on the album SLANK No Jutsu grafts. 18. This assessment is subjective mere [just based on my ears and my heart], no element of knowingly or SARA [haiyah ...]. 

Song Side-A:

    * Let me Happy: This is one of my favorite songs, make a nod-nod of the head ... hahaha This song is nuanced ballad in the mix in such a way with the feel of rock, blues, tango [gak ... confused call it], just rich 'The cowboy tunes, is hehehe ... This song tells about the disclosure of the contents of the liver or uneg-uneg let relieved and happy.
    * Behind Palms: This song was sung by Mas Bim-bim [drummer]. The contents of this song teaches us to be careful in mengungkangkan thought and conversation. Do not just talk and not be tired to keep trying, maybe I can catch it from this song.
    * Kukejar & I catch you (KKK): Slank hook the artist Fahrani Mas Kaka to accompany the vocals on this song. This song speaks of loyalty in their dealings [tsaaah ...]. Suited to rock and listened to by those who are dating hehehe ...
    * Again: The story beings who drop in building a relationship and willing to try again to build that relationship [Alamak ... My rating is not strong on this one hahaha ...]. Actually, my relationship is not always going out ya .. Can be friendship, business, or the other, depending on what angle will be read from.
    * You Start: I do not know ... describe a little confused about this song. What I'm catching hell is the problem the ability of the Eve to tempt Adam hehehe ...
    * 4some Fun: The point is still talking about honesty. By what is better than a lie and play hide-and-seek.
    * Hurt: Well this is also one favorite. So sweet ... [Gak] But it's real anyway, worth listening to you who is falling in love, let alone listen to his songs at night alone in a room, do not forget to turn off the lights and absorb the contents of this song, Whew ... make eyes filled with tears, Pokoke mrebes milli [personal experience ... hahaha ...]. A cool song without the drums and distortion effects, just a piano-dominated sound.
    * May Day: Well ... saw the title I think you know about the content of this song. Yup ... This song contains criticisms of the still much less unemployment and ensuring the welfare of employees [workers] in our beloved country Indonesia.

Side-B Songs

    * My Brother Is Dead: Social Critique of the start fading sense of solidarity and brotherhood. Well ... fact that there now are many people who think only about themselves. Astaghfirullah ... Naudzubillah.
    * OmDong: Rock music ya make fun of his nod-nod my head again. Bass voice sounded pretty Mas Ivan kenceng to maintain the tempo. The contents of this song in my opinion does contain social criticism of democracy in Indonesia, which seemed to run too far [see just a little bit anarchic, a little bit of physical fights ... which is generally the name of democracy].
    * Bobrokisasi-Borokisme: Hahaha ... unique title and a little njlimet. His music was unique, a mixture of rock and little nuances make dangdut body sway listeners hehehe ... It contained nothing not a criticism of bureaucracy in Indonesia bobroknya that many ulcers are decorated by the kinds of bribery, graft, corruption and so forth.
    * Independence: The music smells blues ballads. Again, contained social and political criticism, pulling here SLANK speak as if the figure of depraved persons. Look at one of the lyric "Why is simplified, if 'can be complicated." "Why would also select the difficulty, if 'there is a request fed." Criticism, of course, the opposite of the lyrics.
    * Water Crisis: It contains an appeal and invitation SLANK to keep water sources clean and save water lately in the big cities already scarce due to global warming and pollution. In this song the artist Nadine Candrawinata also contributed his voice through the poem "Water".
    * New Year's Resolution: a short song of hope and new spirit in the new year. Each new year this song is played it felt obliged to arouse our spirit.
    * Kick-grafts: Songs that represent the new album title. It contains the spirit of life to always move on to the front and back persist despite many obstacles and hurdles that face.
    * Ball: I think the opponent's goal breaking BALL = hehehe ... Yes in this song SLANK contribute their slogans to encourage persepak-yelnya bolaan Indonesia who seemed lackluster. Hopefully with this song, persepak bolaan Indonesia can rise again. Amen.
    * The lyrics are not included in the text of the album. There was testimony that the lyrics of this song can be seen via the official web SLANK in This song contains the phrase hearts of people who are jealous because his girlfriend at the indicated being close and having an affair with his friend. [Halah ... hyperbola Do I??!!

That was little assessment or review or response from me about the album No Jutsu grafts. 18 SLANK property. We are sorry if 'my assessment different from your assessment, and also apologize if' my assessment was much different with the purpose to be conveyed by Slank through the album.
The point of this new album mantabz glorious and worthy to be collected. For those who are curious, please get the Cassette and CD at the nearest record store in your town. Piss.